Dec 12

Flipping Adsense Site To Earn More

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk a little bit about flipping Adsense sites an how to double an even triple your cost and onsite profits.

There are a lot of people that flip websites for a profit but did you know with just a few simple tweaks to an Adsense site you can improve income an then resell it for more then double your money?

I purchased an iPhone site not too long ago an decided to add some tweaks an content to it. Then I resold it for more then what I paid. I paid $80 an in turn sold it for $750.

Here is a short list of what I did once the site an domain were in my name.

Site Changes

1. Made a decent looking logo an placed it on the site. If you can’t design logos yourself check out fiverr their are some great artists who will do it for $5.

2. Removed the awkwardly placed Adsense Ads completely an then installed the AdsenseNow plugin via the plugin install window. I then added 2 336×228 ads at the top left an bottom right of the content I post. (These are the predominant money making sections of any content post).

3. Next I went ahead an made some new content for the site an began building back links (nothing too fancy here). You can read my other posts about link building if your interested in learning how I do that after panda / penguin.

One key thing to remember is I built what are called “naked links”. Be watching for my post about these coming out in a few days. Also be watching for my “Want to get indexed in under 10 minutes” post coming out. Both will help you earn more income an build solid quality back links to your site.

Ending Note

As you can see these are some simple changes that won’t take you but maybe a couple hours to complete. One reason I stick to tech related Adsense sites is it makes it easier for me to write new content for them myself but if u can’t write about your niche feel free to hire a good article writer.

Be sure to comment below.

Dec 12

3 Tips To Becoming A Successful Blogger Starting Today

Hello Pirates,

Today we are going to share 5 different tips that I believe will help you become a successful blogger in today’s blogosphere. I will link to some of my other posts to help expound on each of these tips, be sure to read through those posts as well to get the whole gist of this post.

#1 – Writing Quality Posts

One of my best tips is to write quality posts. I don’t mean super long posts either just quality ones (here is a quote I came up with to show you what I mean).

You can say something of complete worth in 100 words or less.

That was a powerful statement made with just a few simple words not a page of 2,000 words. Remember, quality is never with quantity. A quality post will include things like, h tags, bold words, links out to other related posts, images, videos etc. Just things to make it more useful then if it didn’t have them. Even social sharing options help. Be sure to ask your readers to comment, a post with lots of comments on it is very valuable for you as well.

#2 – Guest blog for traffic and recognition!

The next step I believe to being successful when blogging is traffic. Everyone wants it but few are willing to do the hard work to get it. I have personally found that Guest Blogging not only works but can send 1,000′s of visitors if its on the right blog.

When it comes to writing guest posts I suggest you follow this guest post writing guide I found on the net.

#3 – Backlinking Is the key to free traffic.

So I know here on POB this has more then anything been an SEO related blog. That’s because I have an insane passion for seo and marketing in general. I am passionate about this because it simply works.

If you want free traffic you need to be building backlinks. You can read my post about private blog networks here and also read my tier backlinking post here. These two posts will definitely get you started and if you need any content made check out my recommend fiverr gigs post to get GREAT content written for $5 for 500 words.

Ending Notes

I hope this post has been useful to you all. If it has please comment below and let me know, email me add me on a social network. Just get a hold of me and let me know you learned something!

God bless. Until next time.

Nov 12

Private High PageRank Blog Networks (Do they still work in 2012)

Hey Pirates,

Today we are going to talk about Private High Page Rank Blog Networks and whether or not they still work in 2012.

See I had pretty much stopped “buying links” on blog networks because they are an easy target for the search engines to discover. When a network is discovered the Search Engines discount every site on them and all the sites linked from them as links that are no longer their. So in 1 day you could literally lose all your rankings.

I was on Warrior forum and Mike (literally my new best friend) told me that I should build my own private high page rank blog network. I was like whaaaaa?

However, I took his advice and got to work. I needed to learn quite a few things including what to look for in a domain before I buy it and also what to do with the site once I have purchased the domain since I need to re-brand it to be on topic with the current money site I was trying to get ranking.

Checking For Potential Domains to Buy.

I started off by discovering SEOSpyGlass. Its probably the best seo tool on the planet and I for one was sold the moment I tried it. I could get real time backlink checks to see if backlinks were still active and what the page rank of those backlinks was. I figured out a way to stream-line the process and I have put that in a video here:

Once I have discovered a “good find” as in a site that has atleast 20+ high page rank backlinks I would then buy the domain. I won’t give out my source to where I find these domains as that would just make the prices go up but I will tell you that its not any software or anything. I buy them from a private seller who has his techniques mastered! Needless to say all that matters is these domains backlink profile. I am not buying any content with then domain just the domain itself which has high page rank backlinks on it.

Re-Branding the Domain For my Money Site.

The next step in the process is to build a site to list my money site link on. I stay away from Sidebar or Footer links to my money site on these as they simply are not as powerful and much easier for the engines to determine as a Purchased link even though they are not. Instead, I make them contextual links within the content. Here is a screenshot highlighting what a contextual link is.

I have highlighted the in context link in red above. Pretty snazzy huh?

Alright a few things to also make sure you do on each site you are re-branding is…

  • Remove the post date.
  • Don’t list the archive (contains a date as well).
  • Do not have more then 5 out bound links on the site.
  • Have unique content (I use wordpress and make 5-6 relevant posts / content pages that I hired an article writer to make).
  • Vary the anchor text.
  • Never use the same design more then once.
  • List each site per niche on its own Shared Webhosting Account. SEO Hosting is only ever needed for a private network and that alone is an easy way for the engines to spot what you are doing.

And that’s about it.

With these tips you should be able to create your blog network fairly easily. I would be more then happy to answer any and all questions you have about High PageRank Blog networks. Just post a comment below or email me and I will get back to you post haste. Or PM me on Warrior Forum. My username is gotlinks.

Have a great day ya’ll.